Thursday, 28 February 2013

Last Post for Feb 2013 :)

When your life reached a T -junction, that's where you need to make a choice. Either you walk straight, walk to the left, or walk to the right. Once you have made the choice, you must not regret, cuz there is no turning back. And I would not regret too. Because this is what I choose. I will continue to walk down the road, until I reach another T- junction. :)


Saturday, 23 February 2013

CNY Day 1 Part 2 :)

HIIIIIII Goood morning! How was your week going on? Mine was very stress. I had a serious dilemma in my week due to the subject I took in A level. I was struggling with the subject Psychology and I couldn't understand the lecturer at all. All I was in the class was looking at the lecturer's lip moving with a  very blank mind. I keep on telling myself that I could cope with the subject as the subject is new for me with a zero foundation, but lastly, I FAILED. I realized this issue after the CNY break and the due date for adding/ dropping subject was actually over. In my mind, I wanted to change to Physics instead of Psychology because at least I have a foundation on Physics. But, the problem came, I did not score well in Physics in SPM level either. I'm afraid that it would end up like Psychology. Plus, if I want to change to Physics, I'm required to change class which mean I'm needed to separate with my class which we have a very deep friendship bond already! So, that's a very hard choice for me. But, life goes on, I can't just standing there without doing any action, I have to make a choice. At last, I choose Physics. GOOD CHOICE ARE HARD TO MAKE.
Okay so now, I want to forget everything above and refresh myself to the CNY mood again since it's still CNY. But sadly, there's 1 more day to go for Chap Goh Mei already, that's mean the CNY is going to end soon :( So now, I wana show you the part 2 of my day 1 of CNY *this is the after-lunch session*. Picture time! 
*Basically the following photos are all me, hehe*


And so, this is the COUNTRYSIDEEEEEEE

Look at all the small little goats, so cute rite??? *cuteness overload*

The boys chasing the goats.

So kesian the goats.


The cousinsss!!

A big family.

I hope that you all had a great CNY too! :)



Sunday, 17 February 2013

CNY Day 1 Part 1 :)

Hey yo people! Today is the 8th day of CNY already, time fly so fast, 1 more day to go to end the holiday and everyone need to go back to work/ school already. The 1 week long holiday is gonna finish soon and I bet everyone wish that time would slow down before the Monday come. And so do I, I wish that Monday would never come so that I still can stay at my hometown enjoying with my little small bed. HAHA. *totally still in the holiday mood.* But still, I need to face the truth. 
So sorry that I post the day 1 one after so long cuz I was so busy, though I have no visiting for the past few days loll. So, how do you enjoy your CNY so far? Did you guys enjoyed? Mine was a BOOM! I enjoyed my CNY (for chor yat) more that I expected. Though I have no idea what to write for my chor yat post, but I separate it into 2 posts because I have too many photos and I wana share every single one with you all. *I will try my best to do that.* My chor yat was as usual, I went to my mum's kampung with all my cousins and I get to eat the authentic Nyonya dishes cooked by my relatives. So, my CNY day 1 photos diary starts now.... *This is the before-lunch session*

Remember this game? #childhoodmemories
(scissors paper stone and the one who lose need to step one step further.)

The best time, angpau time!
Angpau Angpau Angpau

YEAH! We got Angpau!

I look so crazy =.=

Angpau a lot hor?

The cousinssssss

The Family.

I think I'm unable to post the part 2 one in this week because my college gonna start soon, I only can update it on the weekend. 

Lastly, I'm here to wish all my readers to have a prosperous one in the Snake year!! Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
*It's still CNY so I'm not late for that :P*


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

CNY Day 2 LOOK :)

Just a short fashion update.
I'm now posting the CNY day 2 outfit first instead of the day 1 one because I still have some photos in my cousin's camera. I'm waiting for him to send me so that I can update my blog as soon as possible. Since I have no visiting today, I have free time to update my blog. So, the day 2 come first! The day 2 is just visiting to my aunty's house (father side), so I have no photos with my cousins but only some of  my OOTD photos. I wore a super striking dress and my silver loafer to spice up my outfit of the day, just to make it more striking, haha. I purposely stand beside the pot of flowers to emphasis the CNY mood!

So, do stay tuned for the CNY day 1 post. *I have too many photos for the day 1 one so I think I have to separate into 2 posts.*


Monday, 11 February 2013

Reunion Dinner 2013 :)

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE! It's the 2nd day of CNY already and now I'm still blogging about my family reunion dinner. I know most of the bloggers had already update their blog about their 1st day of CNY, haha, I'm so outdated and slow lolll. For CNY reunion dinner, most of the chinese will have their dinner in their own kampung with all the homecook dishes and all the relatives will come together to have dinner in their old house rite?? MUAHAHA, mine is totally different!   That is what the purpose I blog about my family reunion dinner. My family reunion dinner was held at a western restaurant because according to my mum, those chinese restaurant were all fully booked and it's pricey and it's not delicious at all. Moreover, I have only a small family for reunion dinner. So, just scroll down and look at the pictures and captions please.

Look at the curtains!
I would like to have them in my room..haha.

My daddy mummy!


Mushroom  soup is LOVED


My siblings

My Family!

Lastly, my outfit of the day


That's all for my reunion dinner! 
Stay tuned for the 1st day of CNY post soon. *It won't be taking too long, I THINK*

Once again,