Saturday, 9 March 2013

Rivet Necklace :)

Hey Loves! Feel good today because firstly it's weekend, I don't need to wake up so early and secondly, I PASSED my driving test! *that's miracle I know* I'm so afraid that I can't passed my driving test previously. Thanks GOD everything is over now. :) So today, I would like to share some mix and match outfits with the rivet necklace I got from Le Beauty Boutique!

Girls never get bored of accessories, we just can't get our eyes out off them, no matter how many accessories we've owned! This is because accessories play an important role in our outfit of the day, it spice up our outfits and make us more trendier. So, without other words, let me just show you how the rivet necklace spice up my outfits.

Rivet Necklace. It comes in 3 different colours.




See? Just imagine the outfits without the necklace, it'll become so simple and normal! Moreover, Le Beauty Boutique also selling a variety of accessories namely necklace, earcuffs, watches, clothings etc. And most importantly, CAPS! Love their caps a lot.

So now what are you waiting for? Log on to Le Beauty Boutique facebook page now to get more cool stuff! (click here)



Monday, 4 March 2013

99 Garden @ Melaka :)

It's March already, the third month of 2013, time just passed so fast. This is just a random update about 1 of the dinner I went during the CNY with my cousins and family. And again, we had a lot of fun taking pics, so yea, there's kinda lots of pics later loll.  99 Garden actually just located beside my grandma's house, so we decided to walk there since its so near, and finding parking is another problem to solve. This restaurant is located just above one of the building, so its kinda windy there and we actually can view  the beautiful view of Melaka city and the Melaka river!

Okay, I just realize that I didn't shot the view of Melaka river. But spot it yourself in this pic, its located on the right!

The Menu

Me choosing what to eat, hmmm....

The boysss.

Can you see the beautiful night view of Melaka behind?

Before we ready, the camera goes "kachaa". FAILED ONE.

A good one!

Mum with cousin bro.

I wanted to take a pic of the food but we were too hungry. We waited for our orders for about an hour and we were so frustrated ( maybe because it's CNY and they have too many orders ). The food that day was also kinda disappointed cuz according to my mum and aunt, the food there was quite nice and the service was good on the previous visit to this restaurant. But whatever, at least we enjoyed taking pictures loll.

Outfits :

My aunt.


I love my studs shoes a lot.

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So. that's all for today's post.
 I'm going for my driving test tomorrow, so wish me good luck people T.T