Friday, 25 May 2012

Denim Dress :)

Finally, 3 weeks of exams is over! I had a tough time on this 3 weeks, everyday I needed to stuck my head on the book. But eventually, everything is over, I'm like a freedom bird. I'm so overjoyed! Ok, back to the dress, this dress was given from my aunt. I like the front part and back part of the dress, the pattern is so unique! *thumbs up*

Denim Dress : Chaps ( from Thailand )
Bag : Cotton On
Shoes : Nike

Jacynthe :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Happy Sleeping Birthday! :)

I celebrated my birthday on the last Saturday. Morning I went to Mid Valley with Natalie to buy my birthday present my friends wana give me. After we went for shopping, then its time for my Pajamas Party! I'll show you some photos of my sleeping party ( this is nothing about fashion)  :)

My mum had cook Nasi Lemak and Mee Siam!

OMG..Crazy Aaron!

Guess who?

My birthday ice cream cake!

My presentss...

from my parents :)

from uncle. Its the same watch as my parents gave me, the only thing is its silver in colour! :)

And lastly, from my buddies..

Special thanks to Leyi, Natalie, Winnie, Chee Chen, Zhi Ying, Gladys, Jia Ying, Joyi, Vivien Ng, Wai Ching, Li Han, Jia Hui, Loshiniveni, Yun Han, Wing Soon, Yun Shyi, Joanne, Vyvyan Leong, Ka Weng, Jia  
He, Lih Joe, Karmen, Suzanne, Chen Wei, Aaron Ng, Sze Munn :)

I am not going to post any post for the following 3 weeks due to I'm having exams. So stay tuned!

Jacynthe :)