Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Singapore :)

Dress and shoes from Cotton On / Longchamp Bag

Have been really busy lately. Trials is coming soon and I'm still chilling like nobody's buisness as always haha.
Last month during my sem break, me and my family went to Singapore because my parents were invited to attend my relative's birthday dinner. My cousin and so decided to bring me, and of course my siblings as well to Orchard. *My demand* It's been ages since I went to Orchard for the last time! Went for shopping at Orchard, especially their H&M, which is 387950394793749X bigger than our LOT 10 outlet!*exaggerating*. And the most important thing is, it's much more cheaper than Malaysia one.
This post made me wana go for a holiday nowwwwwwww.
Okay, control control. Gotta end this post and go back to study, Malaysian Studies exam tomorrow! Good luck to myself. Till then, bye.


Saturday, 27 July 2013

MODA Fashion Show :)

This is definitely an overdue post. I've downloaded the blogger apps and blogging this post now using my handphone!  Oh yeah! My trials is around the corner and I'm going to have my piano exam soon which is going to happen just the day before my trials start. I really thank god that my piano exam doesn't clash with my trials. I have a stressful life huh.
 I've blog about #klfw in the previous post and today I'm gonna blog about MODA fashion show which happened few weeks ago.
 I felt so thankful that I get to go to such big event! I've met so many local celebrities and Malaysia's famous fashion designers there like Krystal Lee, Amber Chia, Chris tong....etc, which I will be posting my pictures with them later. :)

Beer is definitely better than those local beers. This is one of the best beer I've ever drank.*don't misunderstand, i don't drink beer so often.*

Vodka. Which it taste very very bitter for me.

After we were served with some light refreshment, the show finally begin.

The local celebrities walking down the red carpet.
And next, comes the fashion show for the fashion designers.

It was an eye-opening experience for me. I always watch on TV shows how models catwalk-ing on stage and now i gotta experienced it myself!! *lucky me*

Camwhore during the show haha!

And here's a few photos with the local celebrities. Wanted to take a pic with Chris Tong and Krystal Lee (I'm a big fan of her haha!) but they left immediately after the show :((  And I look so ugly standing beside them. :(
With Malaysia/Singapore actress - Ong Ai Leng
With Miss Tourism Malaysia - Gabriella
With Malaysia's top model - Amber Chia

I'm loving that day make-up done by my mum!


Dress from H&M / Shoes from Vincci / Hairband from H&M

Oh well, I still prefer updating my blog using laptop ;)


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

#KLFW :)

OMG FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY, I can blog already!!! I've waited for this moment for so long! I always wanted to blog but my stupid wifi just don't allow me to do that! If you've follow my twitter, then you'll know how badly I want to blog. But if you haven't follow me in twitter, THEN BETTER FOLLOW NOW! *nah, just joking.* 
I bet everyone know last 2 weeks (maybe), The New KL Fashion Week was held in Pavilion. I wanted to post this post on the next day of the event but the stupid wifi just go wrong. It was a very last minute decision to go to the fashion show because of some transport problem. But I begged my mum so badly and eventually she brought me there! Love you so much mum!! That was my very first time to see a fashion show, I'm super excited and looking so forward for it. I didn't dress very well that day due to the lack of time so I'm not going to post my #ootd because it's way too ugly compare to the others. 

I went one was by Eric Choong, Andy Sulaiman and Quhji,

Look at the crowd!

Many models and fashionistas were there, no doubt they are all so tall and fashionable!




And a selca before I end a post.

By the way, I've change my blog url from camerafashionandme.blogspot.com to jacyntheliow.blogspot.com because I think that the previous one is more difficult for people to remember my blog url so I've decided to change to an easy one. So enjoy reading people! :)