Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sweet 18 :)

This going to be the fastest post I've ever updated. Yesterday night, the gang and I went to Star Village for dinner and also to celebrate my birthday in advance HAHA. I was thinking to have a birthday party like last year one (only if you read my blog since last year), BUT I don't wana have party like every year over and over again, kinda boring and it cost my parents a lot too rite? So I drove them there as I wana learn how to drive alone without my parents companion. Yin Yuen and Jia Ying reached there first before we reach. So we sat down, look at the menu, deciding what to eat, ordered the food, take out the camera and here it goes, I just realize that, I FORGOT TO TAKE MY CAMERA BATTERY-.- lollll. I charged it before hand because the battery is going to flat and there it goes. So I ended up driving back all the way home just to take the battery (what a might mind I have, how can I forgot the most important thing?!!) So, we chit-chatted a lot that day and also taking pictures haha.

Thanks Jia Ying for the instax ya!

A devil head for her haha!

She want people to notice her hairtie haha, cool ritee?

Insisted to put on the angel headband so that I can be taller than her haha.

The angel is going to kill the devil!

Thanks to Coco, my friend, my sister and also the organizer for the whole dinner! 
*spot PCC at the right corner haha*

So by then, they suprised me with this cake!

Love this pic taken by ME!

Finally, a full SSG pic!

I'm an ANGEL, and also a DEVIL.

By the way, loving my dress from H&M that I bought during the grand opening at Lot 10 last October, didn't get to wear it until now!

So as you can see, the lighting there is terribly bad, this is the brightest I can set without flash (as you know picture with flash will make your face look oily) and I edited all the pics so that it look brighter. Moreover, the service there is not so friendly too.

So lastly, I want to thanks SSG for celebrating my birthday and also for the cake! I was really very happy that night, happy that finally everyone was able to come for the very first time, happy that finally everyone can gather together,  happy that our friendship never ends. And also, thanks for everyone that wished me today. And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kai Yee, Vivien Ng and Yi An too :)

Lastly, thanks to my mum for baking the red velvet cake for me!

Happy Birthday to me :)


Saturday, 27 April 2013

Hari Anugerah Cemerlang :)

This is truly my pride and honor to achieve what I am having today!

This happened on the last Saturday, I get invited to go back to school to attend the Hari Anugerah. I was excited on the previous night, not because I get to go back to school (a bit on that also actually), but the main thing is because I get to drive to school ALONE! Haha, this was my very first time that I get to drive alone lolll.*wana act cool maa* I reached school quite early, cuz I have no idea what time we should reach there, though they say start at 7:30am, but you know, they definitely will delay the time. Everyone was in their formal wear that day, which it is required by the school STRICTLY. I'm so happy cuz most of my frens were there, so that we can take pictures! *the main purpose of it haha* Pictures post!

PCC, Winnie and Wai Ching

With the PCC.

Read her blog! (click here)

Pretty Girls!

So that's all for this post! Gonna blog about the lunch after the Hari Anugerah 'SOON', do stay tuned!


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hatyai, Thailand - Shopping Spree (Part 3) :)

Sorry for keeping you guys waiting, college reopen already and I'm so busy with it.  So today I'm gonna blog about my day 3 in Hatyai. *yea I know, for after so long haha* Okay, in day 3, we didn't get to go many places as before cuz we went almost all the places that really can shop. So on that day we just simply hang around our hotel and also to buy souvenirs for my friends. 

We went for Swensens after that cuz we were so exhausted and tired after walking for so long!

Selca while waiting for my ICE-CREAAAAM.

Forgot what is it call already. Something Oreo one. hehe

Happy girl with her ice-cream!

At night, we went to the floating market. I'm very excited to go there cuz I always see it on the TV only and now I could experience it for the very first time! But luckily we stay at Hatyai till Saturday cuz the floating market only open on the FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.

Nah...it's a bowl of soup and seafood. It's something like steamboat in Malaysia. *But i wonder why they call it as fried sea.....*

Have no idea what's this, Didn't get to try it.

This is not selling pot for flowers, this is for drinks! Their cup so cute rite??

This is the must-try food in Thailand, the COCONUT ICE CREAM. It taste like vanilla ice cream but IT'S NOT SWEET AT ALL! *gonna emphasis this cuz I don't like sweet things* It also taste somehow like the Coconut Shake. *If you don't know whats coconut shake, click here*

Thailand fish cake. I love how the thai sauce mix with the fish cake!

Bizarre food. All those fried insects. And guess what? I bought a packet of fried grasshoppers. It smell nice and I decided to give it a try, since I'm here already and #YOLO, you only live once lol. So it taste bad, for me, it's tasteless and it taste like leaf also. I ate one and I threw away the whole packet, not trying to waste food but I really cannot stand to eat another more. 

And so basically this is my day 3. On the next day, we went to the airport early in the morning so we have no time to go anywhere. 

Lastly, OOTD.
For Day 3,

Top from Radioactive / Leather skirt from Hatyai / Bagpack from Radioactive / Sneakers from Converse

Day 4,

Top and Shorts from Hatyai / Denim Jacket from Radioactive / Sneakers from Converse / Spikey Necklace from Le Beauty Boutique

Converse is the best sneakers for travelling cuz it's comfortable, especially when you go to places that you need to walk a lot, you don't wana have blisters on your foot rite? And plus, it's so easy to match with whatever outfit you're going to wear.

That's all for today's post. :)