Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Sunset :)

This is the continous post for the Trip to Port Dickson-2 :). As i said, after we decided to go back, we stopped at a fishing village. The scenery was breathtaking and the food was scrumptious! And the price was   reasonable, simply its the best of both world! (Don't misunderstand me, i'm not promoting anything.)  
The sunset.

They are uploading the fishes.
Fresh stingrays!

Beautiful sunset with the boats lining beside.

Jacynthe :)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Trip To Port Dickson-2 :)

Ok, and this is my second post for the Port Dickson trip! It rains that day when i woke up so i didn't shoot a lot of photos. But i had a great breakfast at the hotel!

Obviously, the floor is wet because when i shot this photo, its drizzling!

Me riding the KMX!

After we checked out from the hotel at 12pm, my brother and sister were still swimming in the public swimming pool, till 6pm we only left the hotel. And we had dinner in a fish village with good food! I'm going to post photos of the village on the next post. So stay tuned!

Jacynthe :)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hot Air Balloon? :)

At Putrajaya, they're having some hot air balloon exhibition. So my dad brought the whole family there. Ok, don't ask me why i never upload any photos of hot air balloon cuz even me myself never get to see the hot air balloon. Y? Ok, we went there about 3 something in the afternoon and we never see a sign of hot air balloon so my dad went down to ask the person in charged. And, the person said at 5pm they will light up a hot air balloon, and that means i need to wait for 2hrs just for the hot air balloon. So, my dad decided to bring us to  Alamanda ( its a shopping centre in Putrajaya and i don't know wether i spell the name correct.) And I shot some photos over there. ( But at last we also never get to see the hot air balloon.)

Orange Long Sleeves Shirt: Ruffey I.D.
Short Pants: Cotton On
Bag: Cotton On
Shoes: I have no idea where I bought this shoes

p/s: For the second post of Port Dickson Trip, some of my photos is in my aunty's camera, I need to wait for her to upload on Facebook. So, just stay tuned for that post!

Jacynthe :)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Trip to Port Dickson -1 :)

Finally, everything is over! Exams is over! The time has come to relax! And so, me and my family went to Grand Lexis Resort at Port Dickson.
This is the indoor private swimming pool of the hotel.
And this is the outdoor private swimming pool.
The view of Grand Lexis.
And me! I'm wearing Radioactive white shirt, Voir short pants and taking Cotton On handbag.

Lastly, we had our dinner in the hotel room cuz my uncle's cousin brought a lot of frozen and canned food. He aso brought his rice cooker. Haha. And...the first day of Port Dickson end here. Stay tuned for the second post ya.

Jacynthe :)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Red On Blue :)

Sometimes red and blue mix together, it will create something nice!
I look a bit fat in this pic..do i?
Red shirt: Mirrocle  
Blue pants: Radioactive
Shoes: Vincci Acessories

Jacynthe :)