Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Curly? :)

Haha, don't shock with my curly hair, I do not PERM it, I SET it! My mum with her good mood, she set my hair to get a new fresh look for instant. My mum actually used a straightener to help me set a curly hair instead of straightening my hair. My hair was actually set on the previous day so it look a bit straight in the picture. However, I like this type of big curl, it looks more natural compare to those small curl. According to my friends, I look a bit mature with the curly hair, so maybe when i grow 
Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder

I'll consider this type of curl :)

White shirt : Asian Avenue
Short Pants : Cotton On
Shoes : Radioactive
Bag : Goyard

Jacynthe :)

Friday, 8 June 2012

On The Go! :)

Emphasis on the collar, its the round collar again. I don't know why I am obsessed with these round collar. I think they were nice! And this is my first post on blog for me new launch Converse that my friends bought for me! :) I went to the Paradigm Mall last week to have dinner with my family and also discover this new shopping mall that is located in Kelana Jaya, PJ. For me, I like this shopping mall because it has many of my favourite outlets like Cotton On, Diva, Kitschen and so on. :)

Chiffon shirt : Radioactive
Shorts : Voir
Shoes : Converse

Jacynthe :)

Friday, 1 June 2012

A National Geographic Day :)

I went to Lot 10 to celebrate my dad's birthday. We had our dinner at a buffet steamboat restaurant ( I have no idea what is the name of the restaurant). The National Geographic shop is just located beside the restaurant, that's why the background of every photos have the National Geographic logo! This whole outfit was given by my aunt, from the top of my head until the toes of my feet. This outfit is so vintage. Emphasis on the shirt, I like those collar very much! 

On the 3rd picture, the boy sitting with me is my cousin brother :)

Yellow Shirt : Radioactive
Carrot Pants : Radioactive
Shoes : Vincci 

Jacynthe :)