Tuesday, 30 June 2015

#MyTravelBlog : The Eastern Venetian and Historical City - Macau, Part 1

Hello blog! It's been a long time.

I went to Macau on last December right after the school holiday started. I was having my very long break at that time (8 months, fyi) before uni starts. I quit my job for this trip because the boss didn't allow me to take leave, which leaves me with no choice but to quit. This was my first time to Macau, people usually go there to taste the legendary Portuguese Tart freshly made from oven and also to see the very unique architecture of the historical buildings along the streets, to get a taste of the western ambiance. I didn't get a chance to visit Macau during the last trip to Hong Kong because the ferry ticket was too costly for a whole family. I was extraordinarily excited for this trip because I hadn't got a chance to travel abroad after for so many years! But unfortunately I got sick right after I reached Macau and couldn't join the group on the 2nd day sigh.

Have a look at my naked face without any makeup. Our flight was at 6:45 a.m. and we need to get up at 2 a.m. to get things prepared. 

The food there is extremely expensive especially in the hotel. We reached the hotel around 11 a.m. and decided to wander around the hotel before we get to check in at 2 p.m.. We found a food court and thought it was cheap so we decided to have our lunch there. We were so wrong and this bowl of beef noodles cost us around RM 60.

A large candy store around the hotel. I was amazed by how they arranged the candy by colours!

Venetian. I get a little touched when I reached there. This is the exact place where Lee Min Ho acted in Boys Over Flowers!

After searching for a number of hotels while planning, we decided to stay at Sheraton because they have this special offer at that time. We booked the deluxe room, which is the lowest rate among all but never did we know, we get to upgrade for free to this family suite which is so spacious and it comes with 2 rooms! Hands up to this room and I love the Madagascar theme at the kids room. Fyi, the kids room comes with a LED TV with Wii. We were more than just happy to get this offer and everything was worth it. Oh, and look at the queen size bed on the double-decker, that's my bed. 

Take note of this restaurant name when you got a chance to visit Macau. They serve authentic Portuguese food which is sooooooo goooood. Didn't get a picture of the food because I was kinda sick at that time. We get to try western, Japanese, Korean or even Italy food in Malaysia but not Portuguese, which is a very special thing for us and I never thought that Portuguese food can be so good. It's abit pricey but it's worth the price. 

I always have an idea of how Hong Kong police officer looks like through HK drama but have you ever thought how police officer looks like in Macau? 

So that pretty sums up my first day in Macau. Here's a video if you are too lazy to read.