Friday, 24 February 2012

Aunty's Birthday :)

Yesterday was my aunty's 'real' birthday and we went to The William's Crab Restaurant to have our dinner.

The night view of the Mine's lake

My outfit

We wanted to draw a pair of wings with torchlight...but we FAILED!

Looking weird right? We bought 12 pieces of cakes frrom Secret Recipe and combine it together to make a whole cake so we can taste 12 different tastes!

My aunty and family

Jacynthe :)

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012


寂寞的夜         寂寞的你
寂寞的人         寂寞的我
寂寞的心         寂寞的他
寂寞的狗         寂寞的猫
寂寞的小鸟     寂寞的小草
寂寞的屋子     寂寞的房间
寂寞的我         寂寞的你

寂寞的我现在正在写着这个寂寞的 post....

我....寂寞寂寞就好 :)

                                          Jacynthe :)

Monday, 13 February 2012

Had A Great Dinner! :)

As you can see..yes...the table is full with FOOD....I had never been order so much food in my life! Look so delicious rite? haha....my aunty belanja us to the Taiping Lang that located somewhere in Puchong somewhere opposite IOI Bouvelard somewhere there....my uncle ordered the whole set of the food in the menu...kinda over i noe....bt the food is nice :)

                                                             Jacynthe :)

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Please Don't Block Me! :)

Today at era bio tuition...we went to a place mr.jay call it as the "experiment lab". He want all of us to concentrate on the experiment he is making....i was behind there....in front of me is an indian girl....at first she squad down n i can see clearly wat mr.jay is doing....bt suddenly she stood up....i understand squating down is very tiring...bt she stand up for de entire lesson....i can't even see wat  mr.jay is doing....i only can she her beuatiful body== can u please don't block me? can u please respect the one behind you?! OMG!

Ltr that nite...i went to watch The Wedding Diary(nice show^^) i was concentrating on de show until........the woman in front of me lifted her hand== ( i duno y she lifted her hand suddenly..it jz lk our school days when teacher call our name we raised our hand...haha!) her hand blocked my view n i canot se anything! I  shouted " hey..in front of me...can u please put down ur hand?! Haha...i duno wether she heard me or not...she put down her hand....hahahaha! So shuang!

                                                                Jacynthe :)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day:)

Valentine's Day - February 14th - is the one day out of the year where we get to show those we care about most how much they mean to us.

While florists are smelling the profits, chocolate makers are drooling over sales, and balloon makers see profits soar - behind Christmas, Valentine’s day is the second largest greeting card holiday.

                                                                   -love is in the air-

"Since love grows within you, so beauty grows.
For love is the beauty of the soul"

                                                      One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life.
                                                      That word is Love."

"True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself.
It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations:
it is seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart."

                         All the couples in the world...please treasure each other la...hehe...
                                          Happy Valentine's Day laa! Haha!