Saturday, 29 December 2012

Wa Zen Japanese Restaurant :)

I was about to update this post few days ago but I was so busy watching this Taiwan drama- 


I was so addicted to this drama omg. When winnie told me that this series have 84 episodes, I was like " DAFUQ, why so many episodes omg??!!". 
At first when I watch this drama I felt this show kinda sien, but when you continue to watch, 


*back to the topic* 

Hey ya people, how's your christmas eve going?  On the christmas eve, my family went to Wa Zen Japanese Restaurant @ Malacca to have dinner. The environment there was so nice and cozy!

Look at the sashimi. Aww~


                                                                  Pork Belly

                                                                        Chicken Teriyaki
                                                                    *I personally like this*

Christmas eve is the time when you spend time with your family, of course, I must have some pic with my family too!

My uncle and aunty.

I used my handphone to take all the pics so the resolution and the quality is not good *excuse me for that*. I should have bring my camera on that day..haizz.

But anyway, Happy Christmas Eve ( kinda late huh?)



Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Eve Dinner :)

*Start my post with a SELCA*

Few days back, me and my family were invited to have a buffet dinner at  Hatten Hotel @ Melaka. The food there I would not say its delicious, but it has what those 5 stars hotel have.

Now let just show u the fooooooood.

While we were enjoying our food, SANTA came!  But this santa was extremely high, he shake his butt, dance here dance there lolllll.

The photo is blur because the santa shake too much. ==

The santa with my family. (I'm not there because i'm holding the cameraaa.)

Me and cousin sis.

Outfit :

I wanted to put a belt at the center but i forgot to bring back to Melaka. Arggh! Making it imperfect. 

By the way, I will be going to post a few post about christmas. So stay tuned!

Merry Christmas!

*hope i wouldn't be too late :)*


Friday, 21 December 2012

Shogun@ Sunway Pyramid

Its The End of the World, if you happen to read this post now, CONGRATZ, you are alive.

*I look kinda stupid in that picture* This was actually an outing that happened before my trial, somewhere in June (I really forgotten when is it garrhh! *absent-minded*). All I could remember is that this was the Librarian "Annual" lunch @ Shogun Sunway Pyramid. Since its free and this was the last year to attend, so I decided to go with Christina.

Yong Qi took all the photos for us. After me and Christina went into Shogun (we both are librarian) , sad Yong Qi had to go shopping alone. But after we had ate with satisfaction, we went to find Yong Qi. But in the meanwhile.....

Later that, at Forever 21.....

Christina later on bought the hat that I'm wearing it! (you can see that when u continue to scroll down.)


If there's tomorrow, that would be the Day after Tomorrow.



Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Small Small World :)

I wanted to upload this post few days ago, but I was tooooo busy, so I ended up never update my blog for so long....until NOW T.T Imma gonna update my blog more frequently (like few days/weeks once? loll) because the "end" of the world is coming and I scared I do not have the chance to update my blog anymore( HAHA...just kidding).

*gonna back to the topic* Kidszania!! I'm finally here!! After longing for so long (as this is the LAST year I'm "qualified" to enter), me and Coco, with her aunty and her cousins, we went to Kidszania on last Friday. Me and Coco was like BIG KIDS in there with all the small kids (they were sooo cute and we look like duhh!) Before going in, SELCA is a MUST! *what girls normally do..haha*

There were so crowded, so many people there. Kidszania provided 100++ of jobs for the kids to experience, but they only give you 5 hrs per entry, so we didn't play much actually. We play a few jobs ( about 6/7), just scroll down and you will know what jobs we play. 

1st job: CSI (sounds so cool)

2nd job: Paramedic (this look some kind like a doctor..haha)

3rd job: Its HITZ.FM!!

This was really cooooool!!!! I was like becaming a very very very famous artist being interview by JJ and EAN..hahaha *so shok* By the way, didn't we really look like we were in the DJ room? 

4th job: Lawyer *so proud of myself*

5th job: PILOT!!!

This is a MUST-DO job!! We queued up for this for about 1hr!! Seems like everyone wants to become pilot huh? 

6th job: News Caster

Among all the jobs, I like this the most! They really have the scripts, cameras and other things that the REAL studio have! AMAZING! :)

Just scroll down for more photos. Thank you :)
 That's the "surgeon" in the surgery room. *so sad I do not have the chance to play this...this look so damn COOOOL!! T.T*

The theatre there. I was wondering what show will they show there. Most probably those cartoon show.lol.

The nursery. The baby looks so real.

By the way, I've done something that I never had regretted so much in my life!!!

Guess how much it cost all together? The 2 photos cost me RM34!! The DVD that we were the new caster cost me rm10!! The HITZ,FM CD is free..hehe. Total it cost me rm44!! OMG *wanting to kill myself right now*

And lastly,

My very own Marrybrown Chicken Burger! (yea..the photo is upside down)