Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Mum's Knitted Cardigan.

(Mum's Knitted Cardigan / H&M Dress / Tizio Shoes / H&M Hairband )

Hello everybody, I know it's been some time since I last post an entry. Was really busy with my exam, and of course, work too! Yeap, I was studying and working at the same time for the past few months. Although I had a hard time doing 2 important things at the same time but thank God it's all over now. I've quitted my job to have time to think about my future and also, I just came back from my 1 week holiday in Macau and Hong Kong. Would probably blog about it, maybe? But anyways, I'm free from everything now and probably will blog more.


Monday, 11 August 2014

My Working Experience : The First Job In My Life

Me, working at Burger King.

As I mentioned in few of my previous post, I'm having my long long holiday right now. To use time wisely, and at the same time to earn some pocket money because my parents refuse to support my 'financial' anymore after my holiday has started. My mum suggested me to seek for job opportunity to work as a part-timer to fill my free time, and also to explore more as well. After my holiday has started in June. I've been searching for part-times with good pay of course, but things didn't turn out well.
So one day, I went brunch with Krystal at TTDI and since TTDI is so near to One Utama, she suggested to go for a little shopping session at One U. We were walking, talking and laughing all the way and out of the blue, this poster that is posted in front of Burger King caught my eyes. It's written there "RM9 per hour, minimum 8 hours, work for only 6 days". RM9 PER HOUR! The highest pay I heard of for part-timers in shopping malls is only rm8 and you need to work for the whole day from 10 a.m to 10 p.m. And you only work for 6 days, I mean I'm sure that I do not want to work at a fast food restaurant for a long term period right. So, I immediately called Leyi after I reached home to tell her about this, because she is finding for part-time as well, just as we wished. Of course, I wouldn't want and my parents wouldn't allow to, for me to drive all the way to One Utama because the cost for petrol could kill me and it's not worth it at all. Since in the poster it's stated there AT ANY OUTLET, the nearest Burger King outlet from my house would be Sunway Pyramid.
And this, became the first job in my life, working at a fast food restaurant chain.
The day before the first day of work, I was afraid that I couldn't communicate with the people there, because my BM is so sucks that I barely speak in that language. Fortunately, the people there is so friendly that they actually understand (maybe?) what I'm trying to express! Working for only 6 days in Burger King, I thought my job scope would be just sweeping the floor, wipe the table, and some trifling stuff. But I was wrong. On the first day of work, I was assigned to Kak Mimi, one of the senior worker there. She taught me patiently in how to punch orders, how to make drinks and how to differentiate burgers with different packing, practically in how to become a professional cashier haha. Whenever I did any wrong when I was dealing with the customers, example like when the customer order chicken burger and accidentally I punched beef burger, the managers there would help me to solve the problem and they will just say "continue the next order", without scolding me. After 2 days, when I get used with the cashier machine, they actually trust me and ask me to handle one of the counter myself.
The people there are so funny and friendly, surprisingly me and Leyi can actually click to them in just a few days! The workers there are so cooperative, they are not working just for the sake of working, but they work as a team, as a family to bring more business for the company. Not only that the people there are friendly, we as a worker of Burger King get to have free burger set (the small one of course) for lunch! We also get to have any soft drinks we want, at anytime.
After such long wordy post, I shall show you some of the pictured I took with the colleagues there.

Me and Leyi, on the first day of work.

She purposely posed for me to take picture haha.

This is Prema. She is like the core of the kitchen because the speed of her making burger is incredibly fast.

This is Nisha. 

This is Priya. She is so funny that the joke she told can actually make us laugh till our stomach ache.

This is Nana, the assistant manager. She cooked for everyone of us during the first day of Raya!

This is Syafiq, one of the night shift worker.

Me and Leyi, again, on the last day of  work.

Despite of the tiredness for standing for 8 hours and dealing with some unruly customers, it was a fortuitous and remarkable experience, to meet different kind of people. I mean, who get to experience this job like me for a short term period?

And guess what, I just went back to visit them yesterday. *wink*


Sunday, 10 August 2014

That Red Snapback.

( Unbranded Top / Radioactive shorts /High Cut Sneakers from Steve Madden/ Red Floral Snapback from MNRCHII)

Hi everybody, how's your day going on? It's been really long since I actually log on into my blog account. Looking back at my blog, the last update was about a month ago! What a failed blogger I am right now. Haha. I'm having my so-called 'holiday' now and to kill my boredness at home, I went working as a part-timer at Sunway Pyramid. No doubt that I had lotsa fun working with the people there! I'm gonna blog about my working experience soon.

Back to this outfit, (aah, it's been so long since I last blog about an outfit)

For the Top, I got this top last year at one of the shopping mall in KL. And guess how much I got it? I got it for RM15! Yes, 15 bucks super cheap I know. Do not have the wrong concept that cheap stuff has low quality material, maybe some yes but this doesn't apply to this top. I like this top with the black sleeves because it looks like a baseball tee. I've always wanted to have a baseball tee because you can easily match it with whatever bottom you have in mind. And this top is in BLACK and NUDE, which makes it more easily to match! Nevertheless, the highlight of the top is actually on the collar. The top is adorned with the round collar to have a tinge of femininity in it!

For the Shorts, I got this lace shorts from Radioactive. I like the lace on the shorts and it's not those typical lace shorts in either black or white. For this shorts, the lace is in black and the base is in nude, which so happened to be in the same colour as my top. ( That's why I match them together right, duh)

For the Sneakers, I've blogged about this sneakers before in my previous, previous post. No doubt that this sneakers is extra comfy and it is best to wear it for travelling. As you can see, there is studs at the sides of the sneakers which make it extra unique! But the bad thing is, you must wear socks inside the sneakers especially for those who sweat a lot because it might give you that gooey sweaty feel at times.

For the Snapback, snapbacks are in the trend for a long time ago, no matter it is for men or women. But for a high quality snapback, it would be quite costly for a student like me because they could cost you to about a few hundreds just for one. I'm lucky to have an uncle which works in the fashion industry and he got me this. I have another one with the same pattern but in blue as well. I have a thing for floral if you notice, I have most of my tops and bottoms in floral print. Just what I've wished for, this snapback is printed with floral as well!

Although this outfit looks a bit simple, but simple things are always the best, not?


Thursday, 3 July 2014


(Unbranded Top / Radioactive Floral Shorts/ MNG Sweater/ Shoes from China)

Dear blog, I'm so sorry that I've abandoned you for ages. Sorry for not updating you after my final exams, which finished a few months back. I was so not in the mood of blogging, I have no idea why. It's like, I'm so lazy to on my laptop and wait for the screen to start, to plug the adapter to the power supply and also, ever since the exams has ended, I'm so lazy to use my brain to think of what to write, it seems like my brain has shut down and it doesn't want to turn anymore. Moreover, these photos were taken way before my exam. But fortunately, thank God that I have that sudden urge to blog today. To maintain an interest, like blogging, is difficult. People are always a flash in the pan. After you're bored with that interest, you find no interest in that particular hobby and you'll start abandoning it, leaving aside where you wouldn't even care if the thing is cover with dust or not. Try to think back when you first have interest on that thing, you've treated it like a baby, you were so afraid even if it gets a little dirty. But after days or even years had passed, when things change and your interest are starting to fade, you wouldn't care how dirty it'll gets. People tends to forget the old when he/she meets the new, where he/she would no longer find interest in the old, and found that so-called 'freshness' in the new. In the Chinese, we used to say 舊的不去新的不來. It means the new wouldn't come, if the old doesn't go. So, how long have you abandon your old hobby/interest? :)


Saturday, 29 March 2014


(Green outerwear from Radioactive /  Unbranded Camouflage top / Velvet Green Shorts from Mango / Green sneakers from Steve Madden / Shades from H&M )

Hello there again! How's your week going on? Just done with my trials which I screwed it up badly, and yeap, I'm having my 2 weeks holiday starting from now! This will probably be the last post till June, after I graduate from college. The fact that I'm leaving college soon causes me to have mixed feeling right now. 


I really love this green outerwear. It gives you that korean-ish feel! Oh well, you know that I'm addicted with korean dramas recently and I had constantly keep an eye on how they mix and match their outfits, as you know that the Korean style is the leading fashion trend now.
 Talking about the green sneakers, this is my first pair of Steve Madden. It's super comfy and it can match with almost every outfits. Truly the best of both world! 


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What I wore on Chor Yat.

Top from Zara / Shorts from Radioactive / Necklace from Singapore / Shades from Karl Lagerfeld / Sandals from China

Finally done with the photos after uploading it for 2 days on blog! This is what I wore on the first day of CNY. People had constantly posting their OOTD in Instagram and Facebook or any other social network apps, especially on the first day of CNY. So instead of posting mine on Instagram, I decided to make it a blog post like how I did in the previous year. My family doesn't have the tradition that I MUST wear red on CNY, as long as the whole outfit isn't black or white, or black and white. Normally for girls, they will dress themselves up in dress or skirt to look more feminine. But for me, I choose to wear shorts instead. Mum scolded me for wearing so casually but who cares, I wore shorts because it's so much convenient compare to dress or skirt, since we cousins only gather together a few times in a year. Anyway, school is reopening tomorrow! I bet nobody has the mood to go back to school. And so do I, I'm still in a very CNY and holiday mood. The thought of having finals in May haunts me.
Anyway, once again I wish everyone a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!