Saturday, 4 May 2013

200413 :)

It's an outdated post, if you notice the date on the title haha. So after the Hari Anugerah thingy,  I drove my friends to Coco house as I need to go back to college to attend the Parents-teachers meeting day. The gang were supposed to wait for me to come back and we'll have lunch together but they went first instead. I rushed back to Setiawalk and join them for lunch as we rarely had a chance to gather together (the PCC was so busy with her work-.-). When I reached there, everyone finished their lunch and started chatting, I was so hungry that time so I have no choice but to sit down and order the food. So as usual, we took a lot of pictures. I even have no time to eat finish my food cause we were too busy taking pictures! (as usual la haha).

The PCC.

She is sooooo tall.

We even took polaroid photos!

Everyone holding their polaroid photos with Jia Ying!

And lastly, a black and white selca group photos!

I look so retard by the way.

That's all for the post!