Thursday, 3 July 2014


(Unbranded Top / Radioactive Floral Shorts/ MNG Sweater/ Shoes from China)

Dear blog, I'm so sorry that I've abandoned you for ages. Sorry for not updating you after my final exams, which finished a few months back. I was so not in the mood of blogging, I have no idea why. It's like, I'm so lazy to on my laptop and wait for the screen to start, to plug the adapter to the power supply and also, ever since the exams has ended, I'm so lazy to use my brain to think of what to write, it seems like my brain has shut down and it doesn't want to turn anymore. Moreover, these photos were taken way before my exam. But fortunately, thank God that I have that sudden urge to blog today. To maintain an interest, like blogging, is difficult. People are always a flash in the pan. After you're bored with that interest, you find no interest in that particular hobby and you'll start abandoning it, leaving aside where you wouldn't even care if the thing is cover with dust or not. Try to think back when you first have interest on that thing, you've treated it like a baby, you were so afraid even if it gets a little dirty. But after days or even years had passed, when things change and your interest are starting to fade, you wouldn't care how dirty it'll gets. People tends to forget the old when he/she meets the new, where he/she would no longer find interest in the old, and found that so-called 'freshness' in the new. In the Chinese, we used to say 舊的不去新的不來. It means the new wouldn't come, if the old doesn't go. So, how long have you abandon your old hobby/interest? :)