Tuesday, 24 November 2015

#MyTravelBlog: The Eastern Venetian and Historical City - Macau, Part 3

Can't believe I'm still blogging about this after almost a year! Time flies isn't? Everything just seem like yesterday! Nostalgic much heh!

After resting in the hotel for almost a day, I finally had strength and energy to carry on the tour around Macau on the 3rd day, which is the last day for me here as I'm going across to Hong Kong alone the next day. We didn't really tour much around Macau except for Senado Square. We went there on the second day and back to the place again on the third day (don't ask me why). 

 Was lucky enough to witness this luxurious wedding in Macau, just look at the number of sports cars there! 

 Had Roasted meat, or what we used to call, 烧腊 for lunch. The food disappoint me a little, I can find better ones in KL, not to mention that it's so pricey over here. The old coffee shops here are like the ones in Hong Kong, which is relatively small and they cannot accommodate people in big groups. 

Was so lucky (again) to bump into these bunch of korean stars at Senado Square while waiting for my aunties and uncles to get the local specialties. Had no idea who they are and I guess they were shooting for some commercials. Hands up for koreans and I have to say that they are all so handsome and pretty!

Despite I was sick on the second day, I definitely had fun touring around Macau! I admit that I got a little overly excited when I was at the Venetian and also when I saw the St. Paulo. I just can't believe I got to see them with my real eyes! 
I have no idea why I didn't shoot a video of our tour around Macau on the third day, probably because my camera's battery went flat or either I wasn't in the mood of shooting. But fret not, I will try to shoot more now whenever I'm in a vacation, another way of documenting down memorable moments isn't?

Just realized that Christmas is just a month away! Are you excited as I do?