Tuesday, 24 November 2015

#MyTravelBlog: The Eastern Venetian and Historical City - Macau, Part 3

Can't believe I'm still blogging about this after almost a year! Time flies isn't? Everything just seem like yesterday! Nostalgic much heh!

After resting in the hotel for almost a day, I finally had strength and energy to carry on the tour around Macau on the 3rd day, which is the last day for me here as I'm going across to Hong Kong alone the next day. We didn't really tour much around Macau except for Senado Square. We went there on the second day and back to the place again on the third day (don't ask me why). 

 Was lucky enough to witness this luxurious wedding in Macau, just look at the number of sports cars there! 

 Had Roasted meat, or what we used to call, 烧腊 for lunch. The food disappoint me a little, I can find better ones in KL, not to mention that it's so pricey over here. The old coffee shops here are like the ones in Hong Kong, which is relatively small and they cannot accommodate people in big groups. 

Was so lucky (again) to bump into these bunch of korean stars at Senado Square while waiting for my aunties and uncles to get the local specialties. Had no idea who they are and I guess they were shooting for some commercials. Hands up for koreans and I have to say that they are all so handsome and pretty!

Despite I was sick on the second day, I definitely had fun touring around Macau! I admit that I got a little overly excited when I was at the Venetian and also when I saw the St. Paulo. I just can't believe I got to see them with my real eyes! 
I have no idea why I didn't shoot a video of our tour around Macau on the third day, probably because my camera's battery went flat or either I wasn't in the mood of shooting. But fret not, I will try to shoot more now whenever I'm in a vacation, another way of documenting down memorable moments isn't?

Just realized that Christmas is just a month away! Are you excited as I do?


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

To you, Granny.

Nei nei, which is the address for grandmother in Hakka, is what I used to call when I got home from school everyday.

I've been living with my granny for 18 years since I was born. I used to say "Nei, 我回来了" when I got home from school, even during the days she started to have dementia and can barely hear what we said. And I still remember she would always respond "乖, 去洗手" which I'm still practicing till today. 

Nei nei was a loving grandmother who loves us with all her heart. When I was in my young age, my brother and I would always run to her when we were to afraid of the thunderstorm or when my mother was about to cane us, she will always wrap her arms over and protect us. Nei nei was very talkative, probably that is why I'm talkative now. We used to sit down in the dining room and have our chit-chatting session while I was doing my homework, and she'll start her story-telling session. She talked about everything, her past, her story. I even knew how she survived from the World War II! She loves to joke around with us and once tricked us that she was the principal of the school, and believe it or not, my brother and I did actually believe her until my dad told us the truth few years ago.

I can still remember I was a drama addict (or maybe I'm still a drama addict now) and I used to watch TV dramas with my granny. When I get scolded by my parents, I would respond "Nei nei wants to watch too!". But I do not have the chance to watch drama with granny when her eyes condition get worsen day by day. Granny was just like other typical grandmother who was too afraid that her grandchildren would suffer from hunger. During my secondary school time, she used to ask my mother to change her big notes into RM1 notes. She would roll everything together and tie it with a rubber band and keep it in a little safe box. Everyday after dinner, she would call my brother and I to the room and pass us the money.

But people aged, and her body gets weaker as years passed by. Granny was admitted to the hospital when I was at the age of 15, and that was when dementia started to kick in. Her memory started to fade and can only remember things when she was younger. At the same time, her eyes and legs condition started to get weak as well. Things got worse 3 years later. Granny started to shout and scream in the middle of the night, telling us that she wants to go home. We couldn't help but to wake up and comfort her till she was too tired and fell asleep. 

Things need to be sorted out when our last maid decided to resign. Nobody can take care of granny during the daytime when we were in the school or my parents were working, and also during the night time. At last, everyone agreed to send her to the old folks home. 

After staying there for 1 year and 9 months, granny passed away.

I came to the news when I was having my lunch break with my uni friends on the Tuesday afternoon when I got a call from my mum knowing that my granny's condition was very critical and they had to go back to Malacca for awhile. But never did I know that granny will passed away because she was admitted to the hospital countless times before that. I got the news when I was having my last lecture (luckily the last) and I was literally stunned when I saw my dad's message. My heart started to pound hard and I was trying so hard to hold back my tears in front of everyone. 

My brother and I couldn't go back to Malacca right after we got the news because we both had exams on the following days and we can only go back on the Friday morning right after my brother's exam. I was emotionally and physically stressed out throughout that 3 days dealing with exams at the same time. 

During the funeral, I was given the chance on behalf of the Liow's cousins to deliver the eulogy in front of friends and relatives who were present that day and it wasn't an easy job. It wasn't easy just like how we did presentation in class. And it wasn't just reading words out from the draft but it shows how much I miss granny in my life. But thank God everything went well and I did not have a breakdown in front of everyone because I told myself to do it one last time for granny, making it a perfect one. 

Nei nei, everyone in the family will missed you dearly but it's even more heartbreaking to see you deteriorating in health, In each visit, we all know that you are home with the Lord and you are in a better place now, You are free from all suffering and pain and we just can't bear to see you going through all the pains.

The bible verse from 2 Timothy 4:7
"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race and I have remained faithful to the end."

My grandmother have finished her race in life and have certainly remained faithful to the Lord. We clearly know that she is resting in heaven and would like all of you to keep up the good fight just like what she did in life. 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

#MyTravelBlog: The Eastern Venetian and Historical City - Macau, Part 2

I thought it was the weather change that caused me to feel a little sick on the first day, but I never thought that the fever will get worse. My fever get a little high in the morning, ate medicine and get breakfast at Mcdonald's. I decided to follow the group since my parents had spent so much money on the hotels and air tickets, and also I want to explore the Macau city too.

We get a bus from the hotel and stop at one station for interchange and finally arrive at our destination. Hotels in Macau provide free shuttle bus for the visitors to travel around the city, how convenient it is! For your information, Macau is divided into 2 islands, just like Hong Kong. I didn't know that until I saw the large map of Macau. 

One of the best Portuguese tarts cafe in Macau. Too bad I didn't get to take a picture of the tarts but don't worry, you'll get to see it in the video. Despite of their very bossy boss at the counter, their Portuguese tarts are really good, with crunchiness on the outer skin and the extravagant egg scent on the inside.

Along the street, there's a few coffee shops and we had our brunch there. I remember there's one coffee shop that serve the best fried rice just right beside this cafe!

I can't believe I get to see trishaws in Macau. I thought these only exist in Penang and Malacca!

Look at that lobby and the architecture of the building! This is Grand Lisboa Hotel by Stanley Ho, one of the millionaires (or billionaires) in Macau and Hong Kong and he owns the largest casino in Macau. 

Streets in Macau particularly look like the streets in Hong Kong, with tons of people walking and the road are very small. 

The architecture of the church there are so pretty and most of them are Catholics.


Found this cardboard while I was resting in front of one of the shops along the streets because my fever got high after a number of "ba gua" food testing. Fyi, along the streets up to St. Paulo, there will be tons of shops selling Macau specialty and there's food testing for every product, especially the "ba gua".

K.O. after taking this picture and I felt very cold even with 3 layers of jackets on and it was raining at that time. I went into Hui Lao San, one of the dessert shop and ordered 龟苓膏 and hope that the fever get better but it didn't. My legs get so cold and had to buy the wool sweatpants to wear on the spot (also because my leggings are too thin). But my fever doesn't seem to get any better after the 龟苓膏 and medicine so I had no choice but to go back to the hotel and have a good rest with my dad. 

Here's the second part of the video, a short one!


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

#MyTravelBlog : The Eastern Venetian and Historical City - Macau, Part 1

Hello blog! It's been a long time.

I went to Macau on last December right after the school holiday started. I was having my very long break at that time (8 months, fyi) before uni starts. I quit my job for this trip because the boss didn't allow me to take leave, which leaves me with no choice but to quit. This was my first time to Macau, people usually go there to taste the legendary Portuguese Tart freshly made from oven and also to see the very unique architecture of the historical buildings along the streets, to get a taste of the western ambiance. I didn't get a chance to visit Macau during the last trip to Hong Kong because the ferry ticket was too costly for a whole family. I was extraordinarily excited for this trip because I hadn't got a chance to travel abroad after for so many years! But unfortunately I got sick right after I reached Macau and couldn't join the group on the 2nd day sigh.

Have a look at my naked face without any makeup. Our flight was at 6:45 a.m. and we need to get up at 2 a.m. to get things prepared. 

The food there is extremely expensive especially in the hotel. We reached the hotel around 11 a.m. and decided to wander around the hotel before we get to check in at 2 p.m.. We found a food court and thought it was cheap so we decided to have our lunch there. We were so wrong and this bowl of beef noodles cost us around RM 60.

A large candy store around the hotel. I was amazed by how they arranged the candy by colours!

Venetian. I get a little touched when I reached there. This is the exact place where Lee Min Ho acted in Boys Over Flowers!

After searching for a number of hotels while planning, we decided to stay at Sheraton because they have this special offer at that time. We booked the deluxe room, which is the lowest rate among all but never did we know, we get to upgrade for free to this family suite which is so spacious and it comes with 2 rooms! Hands up to this room and I love the Madagascar theme at the kids room. Fyi, the kids room comes with a LED TV with Wii. We were more than just happy to get this offer and everything was worth it. Oh, and look at the queen size bed on the double-decker, that's my bed. 

Take note of this restaurant name when you got a chance to visit Macau. They serve authentic Portuguese food which is sooooooo goooood. Didn't get a picture of the food because I was kinda sick at that time. We get to try western, Japanese, Korean or even Italy food in Malaysia but not Portuguese, which is a very special thing for us and I never thought that Portuguese food can be so good. It's abit pricey but it's worth the price. 

I always have an idea of how Hong Kong police officer looks like through HK drama but have you ever thought how police officer looks like in Macau? 

So that pretty sums up my first day in Macau. Here's a video if you are too lazy to read.