Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Buffet Dinner @ Grand Millenium Kuala Lumpur :)

I'm having my sem break now, still in a very relaxing and sluggish mood. No doubt, nobody wants to go back to college. But college is going to start soon. TIME, can you please pass slower? I don't want much, just slower A BIT only, that's all. But REALITY IS REALITY, nobody can change that. I'm gonna use my time wisely, as for now.

Yeah! The day has come!  Like FINALLYY. Joseph Cheng, our BM tuition teacher, kept his promise and treated us buffet at Grand Millenium Hotel. We were so looking forward for it like nobody else does haha, for like after so long. Thanks to Winnie's dad for fetching us all the  way down to KL. We were so happy and excited, as you can see, everyone dress so nicely for that dinner. It was an unexpected gathering though, everyone was looking forward for the buffet but nobody thought of gathering haha. And yea, we had a very delightful and full dinner of course, which all of our stomachs were going to bloat soon. But still, thanks to Joseph for the buffet dinner! 

Trying out our birthday present for him! *duh, he wants it.*

2 pair of twins?



Jia Ying.

Jing Wei

Kai Xin

So what's next? It's FOOOOOOOOOD.

Just a random selca pic.




Dress and Shoes from Cotton On / Clutch from Marc Jacob

Dress from Cotton On / Shoes and Clutch from China


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Coco's 18 Birthday @ Plan B :)

Selca first before starting the post.

We celebrated Coco's birthday on Friday, which we planned long time ago. Her birthday was actually in early June, but that period I was preparing for my exam and I hardly find time to hangout and celebrate for her. *So sorry*. So we procrastinated until last Friday, which is few days ago, to celebrate her birthday eventually. And yea, we got a suprise party for her, which is A BIIIT fail, haha. So the plan goes like this, I date Coco out for shopping like usual without letting her know actually others were going also. But the plan failed because she accidentally took a glance at Leyi's phone and saw the watsapp group, and also because of me, I accidentally said out something which I thought she didn't hear. We planned to celebrate her birthday at Plan B cuz I saw a lot of positive blog review about this cafe and I wanted to give it a try since long time ago and this time was like FINALLYYY. Yeah.

Love their cozy ambience!

Everyone was busy taking pictures. Tsk tsk.

PCC, you look very pretty in this picture!


PCC's salmon sandwich

My ham and cheese toast.

Winnie's pasta.

Zhi Ying and Yuen's mushroom pasta.

Have no idea what burger is this haha.

I just realize our shirt were almost the same colour!

HAHA. I love this pic eh!

And me with my COCO

We don't care although our arms will look big because we just wana hug each other.

Coincidentally wore the same skirt and took the same bag haha.

After our meal, of course, is the cutting cake session. So they asked the waiter to take out the cake which they bought earlier on. BUT, instead of asking so many of us there, the waitress choose to ask Coco how many candles we need! Cutest waitress EVER!! haha. 

Decided to buy layer cake for Coco.

And lastly, a family portrait.


Whole outfit from Radioactive / Shoes from Cotton On

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