Friday, 25 January 2013

230113 :)

Hiiii people!! Now it's the second week of my college, I'm still adjusting myself to it, everything seems good :). Since yesterday was a holiday, so the gang decided to go to IOI Boulevard to yam cha on the Wednesday night. We never get to see each other for about 2 months (except for the shogun thingy), we miss each other so much and we have so many things to talk about. We went to Kimchiharu, a korean restaurant, I know it sounds weird to yam cha at a korean restaurant, people usually will chit chat at some dessert store, and I have no idea why we went there, though I'm the one who suggested to go, haha loll.

Taking Winnie before she notice while we were waiting for others.

Me and Winnie were the first to reach. We came 30 minutes earlier so we ordered some drinks and busy taking picture before they came. *that's the advantage of being punctual, though I know we were TOO punctual*

We have soo many things to tell each other till we  didn't realize its late at night already.  I'm the first to leave cuz I needed to head off for dessert for the 2nd round with my family! #weehee

Outfit of the day:

Okayy, a group photo before I end the post!

so sad without qing


Saturday, 19 January 2013

When everything start all over again.... :)


*sounds so adult lol*

I started my college few days ago and I need to adapt to the new environment. College life is totally different from secondary life. Was wondering which college I go rite?? Will tell you at the end of the post..haha..so just continue reading people. Wearing 11 years of uniform and now I'm not requiring to wear any uniforms anymore, seriously till now I'm still not used to it. Unlike the days in school,  I just need to take my uniform from the wardrobe and go to bed. NOW, I need to sit down in front of my wardrobe and think of what to wear on the next day before I go to bed=.=.

Now, I'm in the new environment, in a new class, and this is the time when you meet new friends. So many new faces around. When it comes to meeting new friends, I'm a bit shy and I don't know how to make friends with them. What if they don't like me?? What if they don't wana make friends with me?? What if they ignore me?? A bunch of question just pop out from my mind persistently. *don't think that I'm an antisocial person, I'm not!* For those I'm close with, you know how talkative and crazy I can go rite? haha. How I miss the days where we make noise together, imma gonna have schoolsick now *I shouldn't have that feeling*.

It takes about 30 minutes from my house to the college, blame the jam. It JAM LIKE HELL!! Although my class starts at 8am, I need to wake up at 6:30 which is the same in my secondary life loll. If you heard from someone that he/she claims that college life is fun and relax, he/she is BULLSHITTING.

Haha..seems that I'm complaining from the beginning. Duh..college life is not that bad though. I'm still in the process of adjusting myself to the new life. But one thing in college is that, you will look cool with the thick books..haha loll. And the classrooms are equipped with air-cons. Since I'm taking A level, so it's gonna be tougher *ADVANCED level maa*. Gonna work hard now and try my very best to strive excellence results in the exam. *hope so* Okay, I'm gonna stop my craps here :)

 I'm studying at Taylor's College.


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Publika-a :)

*OMG I like this pic soo much!! Should I put this as blog header or remain the old one?*

This happened on the last weekend and this was the very first time I went to PUBLIKA. It's quite a distance from my house to Publika, so maybe I'm not be going there so much though.  I always heard people talking about Publika, people blogging about Publika, but what was on my mind was "Where is this Publika??? How is it look like??" And finally! I get to go to Publika!! Inside there is so nice and I like the lighting, good for photography!! And so this is the reason  I ended up taking too many photos, so be ready people. *this gonna be a very very very long post*

Publika is not as big as Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley, etc but it has many varieties of food. Believe it or not the food category is more than the fashion&accessories category lolll. We went there late and everyone was so hungry. So dad decided to have dinner at the chinese food court. The food there are so delicious and it comes with an affordable price too! Truly it's the best of both worlds.
*The spicy pan mee and the charcoal hokkien mee are highly recommended*

This is not hokkien mee, this is prawn mee.

The spicy pan mee.

I never get to take a picture of the hokkien mee because they were too hungry, they started to eat before I get to take a picture of it.

Drinking Chatime after meal.
*so fugly me*

Random shotsss:

Gosh I like this pic too

Later that, we have a little coffee at the so-called cafe *I don't remember what's the name*

So garden feel rite??

More random shots here :

Who wants some sweets?

Gosh I love the design of this cafe so much, I bet most of you went to this cafe rite?? I never get to go into the cafe cuz it's closing *so unlucky me*

Qing, I know you like this haha

I bet you know what's my outfit , But still I wana show you again..haha

Dress : Cotton On  |  Earrings : Forever 21


Monday, 7 January 2013

It's A Female Thing! :)

Being a female, monthly period will always trouble us. That is why sanitary pad will always appear in our bags. We don't wana lose our face in the public rite?? BUT! Bringing a sanitary pad along when we are dating will also embarrass us! Just look at the situation below:

You are talking on the phone and boyfren suddenly wants tissue paper. So, in no any other way you pass your bag to boyfren. While finding for the tissue, boyfren saw the sanitary pad in your bag! At this time, you had finish talking on the phone and look at boyfren. Boyfren was like "What's that????" and you were like "ERR...ERRR....It's a SANITARY PAD."

So embarrassing!
*you don't want that to happen rite*

So, as a female, where should we put our sanitary pad??

To solve the problem above, let me INTRODUCE *drum roll please*

From top left:
MP09, MP12,
MP10, MP11

MP05, MP07,
MP08, MP06

MP01, MP04,
MP02, MP03

MP13, MP17, MP15,
MP14, MP16

It comes with 17 cute designs!!! So cute rite??

And so. how is it  look like inside the pouch?

It has 3 compartments!

Put the sanitary pad in one of the compartment,

And you'll have this!

Moreover, if you do not want to put the sanitary pad, you also can put money, cards, etc.

So now, instead of this,

you have this!

So convenience, cute and nice!!

I've chosen mine, what's yours? :)

Its only RM5 and is READY STOCK!!

Every design has only 1! 

So GRAB one NOW!!!

For who are interested, can email me at jacynthelyh28@hotmail.com OR
you can leave a message on the comment box.


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Flashback 2012 :)

OMG, it's 3am now and I'm still blogging. Couldn't sleep at all, my eyes still open wide, even my little Jojo fall into her slumber night already. Throughout the year of 2012, things happened. These memories will always keep deep inside my heart core. :)

There's many challenges in 2012. Thank God that I manage to go through it and now let just show you what challenges I've made in 2012.

1. Becoming a host!

OMG. Me and Coco was hosting the Chinese Singing Competition in school. HAHAHA. This was our first time hosting, nervous at first, but at last we enjoyed it!
* I don't even dare to think back, we were too funny!*

2. Having Lab Exhibition

We were require to demonstrate our own science experiment to all the students. And guess what, we were require to wear the lab cot! So damn yeng rite? HAHA. We really enjoyed it cuz we play more than doing the experiment lol.

3. Having a blog!

Finally I have my very own blog! I remembered years ago I used to have a blog but I just posted 2 post and the blog just left there without updating anymore lollll. Luckily I never give up with this :). By the way, is my blog interesting? Or is it way too boring? Please do comment freely cuz I need some feedback please :)

4. Sampat to the fullest in school

*No photo for this*

I believe for those in school know what have I done rite?? Hahaha. #ITS A SECRET

5. The biggest challenge

Yea, it's SPM.  I do not know wether I really work hard for that, or even I can go better......
But I always remember,
EXPECTING for the lowest, and HOPING for the BEST!
*Someone told me that*

These are my challenges in 2012. What's yours? :)

*Okay, I should get back to sleep now*