Monday, 16 December 2013

PHOTOLOG : Riverside, Melaka.

-Riverside, Melaka-

*Photos are taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 2.*

Hellllooooo! I had finally finish my never-ending long examination few weeks ago. And guess what, after that exams, I still need to go back college to have classes before my sem break start FML. But thank God everything is over now! *Woohoo* By the way, Christmas is just a week to go! Can you feel the Christmas spirit all around now? I just can't wait to welcome Chrsitmas this year! Okay, that's all for today! Hope that everyone is having a good day ahead! Till then.


Friday, 15 November 2013

Baci Italian Cafe @ Citta Mall

Heloooooo! It's been a decade since I last blogged. I can tell that my blog is dying haha. I've been very busy with my exams, which also known as finals. The examination last for 1 and a half month throughout the month of October and November. Yes, you didn't see wrongly, is 1 AND A HALF MONTH. This is going to be the longest examination I've ever took in my life. And I'm having 3 papers straight in a week 2 weeks later, and I'm still blogging now haha. #slacked Oh well, if I don't blog now, I'm afraid that you will no longer see the existence of my blog anymore. 
Okay so, I'm gonna blog about an Italian Cafe that is located at Citta Mall, Ara Damansara. And oh yea, forgot to mention, this is a very very throwback post. This was my first visit to Citta Mall, and also the first time to Ara Damansara. When you see the word 'MALL', don't expect it to have a lot of shops and boutiques around. Citta Mall is not a typical mall where ladies would go to shop till drop. Rather, it is a large open space mall where people chill and hangout with friends and family with lots of varieties of different cafes and restaurants. 

When you enter Baci Cafe, you will immediately see the cashier on the right where you order your food and drinks, the display of pizzas, desserts and bread in the middle and on the left of the seating area. It's self-service by the way, where you order and pay for your food at the counter.

The restaurant had successfully pulled off the white wall. They kept it minimal with just some simple ornament. The simple interior design makes the whole restaurant a very peaceful environment where people can grab a coffee and relax in a lazy afternoon. 


As I mentioned, this is a throwback post, I really forgot the names for the food, but what I can remember is that the food is incredibly delicious! *I'M NOT JOKING*. I saw a lot of blog reviews about this cafe and they said that their coffee is their signature. Will definitely order their coffee during the next visit to this cafe. 


An #ootd to end this post. Gonna study now, bye!


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Padi House @ Setiawalk :)

I bet you guys knew that my grandfather just passed away a week ago, if you read my previous post. No doubt that it's really really sad and I need time to accept the fact that he's gone. I do miss him sometimes. Oh well, shit does happen in everyone's life and shits just happened in my life in the whole August. August had been the darkest month in my life ever and I don't know wether am I controlling all the problems in the correct away or not. Oh well, life goes on. I believe that every cloud has a silver lining and every rainbow appear after every rainfalls. 
I came back from hometown on Thursday and I just felt that my holiday just started and college is reopening soon on Monday. Fml. Well, I guess this holiday went a little under-estimated for me huh. Ok so, me and my 2 unbiological siblings had a little bonding session at Padi House, Setiawalk. They are always there for me when I need them. I just felt so glad to have them in my life. *sorry for being a little sentimental haha*. We went there during tea time as Coco just finish class at that time and moreover, I just want to have a cup of coffee (or maybe more than that).

Orea Cheesecake.
It's kinda cheesy I can say but I think Secret Recipe's one nicer.

They have 50% off for Cappuccino and Latte for every piece of cheesecake. And I love their biscuits.

Mushroom soup with garlic bread.

I love garlic bread so I ordered it after I've finished cheesecake. I know it's very fattening, I know I know.

Oh well, we just ordered some light snacks without main course. I love their chilling ambiance with good vibes!


Sorry for the low resolution, my phone's front camera's fault.

My super awkward pose-.-

The light behind makes my leg look so slim :0

The reason why I took so many photos is mainly because the lighting there was superb and plus I got my personal photographer today. How can I lose this chance for not taking more pictures? So, that's all for this post!

-Things will eventually come back to its starting point again.-


Wednesday, 4 September 2013


致 : 我最帅的公公







您的葬礼就像是一个家庭聚会,您的亲戚朋友都来了。因为您的好, everyone came to pay their last respect to you. 现在,在我们的每一次的聚会里,都得习惯没有您的存在,可能就真要想阿姨所说的,就当作是您太忙了吧。说真的,我到现在还难以置信您已经离开了。您对亲戚朋友的好,对子女、子孙的爱,我们都感受到了。I'm so proud to be your granddaughter, and I feel so lucky to have you as my grandfather too. 虽然您已经离开人世了,但其实您从来都没离开过,因为您活在我们每一个人的心中。您永远永远都会是我的公公。我希望您在那很遥远的地方可以像以前一样开开心心的,因为那才是我很帅很搞笑的公公。 我爱您,公公♡ 



Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Singapore :)

Dress and shoes from Cotton On / Longchamp Bag

Have been really busy lately. Trials is coming soon and I'm still chilling like nobody's buisness as always haha.
Last month during my sem break, me and my family went to Singapore because my parents were invited to attend my relative's birthday dinner. My cousin and so decided to bring me, and of course my siblings as well to Orchard. *My demand* It's been ages since I went to Orchard for the last time! Went for shopping at Orchard, especially their H&M, which is 387950394793749X bigger than our LOT 10 outlet!*exaggerating*. And the most important thing is, it's much more cheaper than Malaysia one.
This post made me wana go for a holiday nowwwwwwww.
Okay, control control. Gotta end this post and go back to study, Malaysian Studies exam tomorrow! Good luck to myself. Till then, bye.